On inspired day, Davi submits Jeff Monson and João Assis

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Davi sinks armbar on Monson. Photo: personal archive.

Davi Ramos saw action at last weekend’s Grapplers Quest in Las Vegas. Although he didn’t win the absolute, Davi was one of the big standouts, winning his weight group and coming up with some big finishes over some big names.

“I ended up losing the absolute in a controversial match. Unfortunately the outcome wasn’t what I had hoped for. But in making it to the final I tapped out Jeff Monson in the quarterfinal and in the semifinal caught João Assis with a footlock in just 40 seconds,” said the joyous black belt, who commented on the mistake in the open weight final.

“I was doing good in the competition and had it in my head that I’d get the finish in all seven of my matches. I managed to get it in six of them! My opponent in the final was clever and didn’t want to fight, went through with his strategy and I ended up losing. I don’t like leaving it to a judge to decide, so I went after him and ended up dropping an advantage point. I want to thank André Galvão for the backing he’s provided me in San Diego; I’m learning more and more every day. I always liked the way he fights and I identify with him a lot because he always goes for the tapout.”

Ramos’s upcoming challenges remain in No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu.

“I’ll stick around here helping him train for the ADCC, and I’ll make the most of the training to compete at the No-Gi Worlds. I won the No-Gi Brazilian Nationals last year and this year closed out the No-Gi World Pro with Rodrigo Caporal, beating guys like Michael Maia, Augusto Mendes and JT Torres. Now I want the No-Gi Pan and Worlds,” said the mat wizard, who trains with the Atos gang but is a Master Casquinha student, in finishing.


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  1. Jason Valdez at 6:50 am

    Congratulations Davi, I think you exceeded everyone’s expectations by far! I’m honored to be able to call myself a friend of yours… Felicidades Davi, creo que superaste las expectativas de todos por mucho! Me honra poder considerarme un amigo tuyo…

  2. Big D at 6:48 pm

    I visited Andre Galvao/ATOS JJ in San Diego recently and the guy was there training with Bruno Frazatto and Andre Galvao, the guy is a beast they had some great rolls between the three of them, I was just in aww. The guy looks scary but is such a personable person its crazy!! ATOS keeps making more and more top level guys it’s scary!!!

  3. Brian at 10:53 pm

    Congratulations Davi! Davi is a really nice guy with great jiu jitsu. He deserves an invite to the ADCC this year!

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