Mundials Motivation #2: Watch from anywhere in the world

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Be a spectator but virtually. Photo: Erin Herle

As part of our 18 reasons to follow the 2013 World Championship, this second reason is a great motivator. And easy!

The second reason involves teleportation. But not your whole body, just your eyes. Don’t worry, it’s still cool because you can be a spectator at home just like you would be at the Long Beach Pyramid from May 29 – June 2!

Budovideos has mastered the ability for everyone with a computer to enjoy the World Championship by placing cameras at every one of the twelve competition mat areas which stream to your computer live. For a small fee and with different package prices you can access the event without paying for the plane ticket to get there.

The multi-mat technology allows you to switch between all of the mats. If you are trying to see a specific competitor, make sure you know the mat number and you can be ready to see all of their matches as they happen. The delay is only about 15-20 seconds!

Commentary is available with an entirely different camera view that comes with it. The commentators help out those looking to know more information on the event and athletes on only Saturday and Sunday.

You will be able to watch the stream on your phone as well if it is compatible. Most iPhone/iPad users will be able to see and some Android devices as well. On the mobile you can see the commentary view only, you can’t switch between the different mats.

Get creative and hold a get-together so multiple people can join in on the fun. Like watching the UFC, you can show your support in numbers and create a discussion. Hook up your computer to your TV for better viewing pleasure with this article.

Of course being there live is a luxury, but if that isn’t possible you can pretend you’re there by going to Bookmark the page for easy access to avoid missing a match.

For more information on the 2013 World Championship May 29 – June 2, please visit

Here’s an example of what you can do with the livestream:

Multiple set-ups at home. Photo: Instagram


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