Montanha wins absolute in Miami

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Montanha training with the UFC's GSP early this year. Photo: Debora Rosenn.

At last October 23rd’s Miami Open, the master & senior division boasted some top-notch Jiu-Jitsu, too.

After receiving IBJJF teaching diplomas from Rilion Gracie, in a ceremony met with heavy applause, the masters went to war.

Renato Tavares won the lightweight master division by beating Jared Weiner (Lloyd Irvin). Rhe medium heavweight champino was Marcio Silva (Brawler Academy), while Edson Diniz (ATT) made it back onto the winners’ podium after defeating Rodrigo Clark (GB Santa Barbara), in the medium heavyweight division.

With Rilion at center, Florida's teachers were paid tribute for good services rendered to Jiu-Jitsu in the region. Photo: Ray Santana.

At heavyweight, Todd Allen Cutler (Renato Tavares) took first, while Daniel “Montanha” de Lima won the ultra heavyweight division and the absolute. In the open weight division, Daniel took first, with Rodrigo Clark in second, and Jared Weiner and Ethan Day (Renato Tavarez) in third.

In the Senior 1 contest, absolute first place went to Romulo Reis Pereira (Gracie Elite Team), with Guilherme Arashiro (GB) in second, and Marcelo Rodrigues de Araujo (Gracie Elite) in third. Check out Romulo’s win below:

In the Senior 2, Marcelo Conti (Gracie Elite) won the absolute, with Hector Vasquez (GB) in second.

The next IBJJF champions on tap are the No-Gi Brazilian Nations, on the 30th in Rio, and the No-Gi Worlds, on November 7 in California.

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Rilion, with Marcelo Araujo, Renatinho Tavares and world champion Rodrigo Cavaca. Photo: Ray Santana.

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