Michael Sergi of GMA Serg BJJ achieves milestone at IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open

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Michael Serg with his team. Photo: Personal archive

Michael Serg with his team. Photo: Personal archive

Within one year as a black belt, Michael Sergi of GMA Serg BJJ has made strides in his Jiu-Jitsu career. At the 2015 IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open on Jan. 31 he earned his first gold medal and title at the rank of black belt.

This was his third tournament competing as a black belt and three’s a charm. Michael came out on top in the black belt master 2 heavyweight division against Royce Gracie black belt Jon Pyler and UFC veteran Rory Singer.

In his final, he was able to secure the win by a guard pass within the last 30 seconds of the match!

Michael, left, with Marcio Cruz. Photo: Personal archive

Michael, left, with Marcio Cruz, center, Rafael de Lima, right. Photo: Personal archive

The Marcio Cruz student attributes his success to his students and professor but admits there is always more to go: “I’m happy with winning gold, but I’m not satisfied. I have much to improve. I’m thankful for great students that push me in training and to Marcio for supporting me.”

Learn more about Michael Sergi and Serg BJJ in Savannah, Georgia at www.sergbjj.com

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