Mendes teach technique at first seminar in Brazil

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Gui and Rafa in photo by Victor Nomoto.

Following their trip around the world, brothers Guilherme and Rafael Mendes will hold a seminar in their home country for the first time.

“It will take place November 10 at Atos São Carlos academy, in São Paulo state. The seminar is open to the public, to athletes from any academy, and we hope everyone shows up. It will be a great opportunity for the folks in Brazil to get to know our game, our positions and teaching methods. The address is Aquário Academy, at 169 Rua Antonio Blanco. For further information or to sign up, please write or”,” explains Gui Mendes.

“It will be a great pleasure to hold this seminar, after nearly fifty days abroad. It’s our first one in Brazil and we’re taking several athletes from Atos headquarters, like Bruno Frazatto, for example, which will be really cool. We’d like to thank Tattinho Jader and Bruno, who are organizing everything and are excellent people who train with us,” he adds.

Further news is that the Mendes brothers are about to launch their website,, where fans can find out everything there is to know about the black belt brothers. The fighters also wish the members of their team about to compete this weekend the best.

“We’d like to congratulate our friends Guto Campos, who won the Miami Open, and Rodrigo Caporal, who is doing great in China, and Claudio Calasans, who did a great job in Brasília. We also wish the best for our friends Gilbert Durinho, Ed Ramos, Denilson Bisquiliari, Ronaldo Candido, and Bruna Ribeiro, who will compete this weekend. God is with you!” they say.

Want a taste of what the Mendes’ will be up to at the seminar? In the video below Rafael teaches how sink an omoplata while passing guard. Watch and learn:

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