GMA Marcelo Garcia Academy promotes 29 students to new ranks

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The team at Marcelo Garcia Academy. Photo: John ‘Ric’ Ricard

The belt ceremony on July 26 for the GMA Marcelo Garcia Academy brought hundreds of people together to the third floor of their 26th street building in New York City. After two floods in previous academies, the location meant a lot for the team and proved as a bonding experience to be able to maintain a team through multiple, sometimes temporary locations.

Last night twenty-nine students were promoted to new ranks from blue to brown with a number of students receiving stripes to mark their progress to their next belt. Some competitors, some recreational and others in between.

White belts promoted to blue belts. Photo: John ‘Ric’ Ricard

Nine students were promoted from white belt to blue belt.

Blue to purple promotions. Photo: John ‘Ric’ Ricard

Sixteen students were promoted from blue belt to purple belt.

Purple to brown promotions. Photo: John ‘Ric’ Ricard

Four students were promoted from purple belt to brown belt including two top competitors, Mansher Singh Khera and Jonathan Satava pictured in the middle who traveled to and did well in the Abu Dhabi WPJJC and the World Championship in California.

Congratulations to those who are now on to bigger and better things.

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