Little Langhi promoted to black by Cobrinha

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Michel receives black belt from another featherweight star, Cobrinha. Photo: personal archive.

In a recent article on, revelation Michel Langhi celebrated his world title at brown belt and accepted the possibility of being promoted to black. And that’s just what happened. Still in California, Little Langhi received his new belt from the hands of Rubens Cobrinha, a GMA of ours.

Now the Alliance representative, besides his double celebrations, is getting ready to soar even higher, against Jiu-Jitsu’s greats.

“For sure it was the best trip of my life! After getting the finish in all four of my matches at the Worlds and closing out my division with my teammate, today I got my black belt from the hands of Rubens Charles “Cobrinha Maciel! It’s an honor to get the promotion from someone who’s my idol and friend! Osssssss!” posted Little Langhi on his Facebook page.

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