Lifestyle: Be thankful for your health with an exotic hearts of palm and mango salad for dinner tonight

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Exotic hearts of palm and mango salad. Photo: Carol Gracie

Exotic hearts of palm and mango salad. Photo: Carol Gracie

Need a creative and healthy appetizer idea for your Thanksgiving dinner? So, you have to try this exquisite hearts of palm and mango salad with damask jelly, cheese curb and a touch of basil created by a Brazilian Chef from Teju-acu Hotel & Restaurant in Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco. Get the recipe below:


4 hearts of palm

1 mango

2 tablespoons of damask jelly

100g of cheese curbs

Basil leafs to taste


Slice the hearts of palm and put it on a plate. Cut the mango in little square pieces and place it on top of ½ (half) of the hearts of palm already sliced. Crab a small coffee spoon to scope the damask jelly and cover the other ½ (half) of the hearts of palm slices. Heat up the cheese curb until it acquires a soft and smooth texture, and then use the same coffee spoon to also place the cheese curb on top and between the hearts of palm slices in the plate. Sprinkle basil leafs to taste and enjoy!


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