Letters from Helsinki – The day after

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Image: Flograppling

Helsinki, September 25, 2017

Thanks, Finland. It’s time to head back to New York.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of support I received before and after my fight here.

Kikuta is sturdy, and many people forgot he is also a former ADCC champion.

So I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. If it were an easy fight, why bother having it?

The best part of the match was at the end. I was winning, and he attempted an arm-and-head guillotine against me.

That was a compliment.

Back in 1998, when I finished our fight with this hold, people didn’t even believe it was possible to submit others with it, and now my poison turns against me. Priceless.

As you know, I got the victory, but this is the less important part of my workday. What matters is that after this experience I am a better fighter, and therefore a better teacher.

So I encourage you to also get out of your comfort zone. The outcome is always positive for those bold enough to take risks.

And don’t ever undervalue the advice of taking Jiu-Jitsu with you at all times.

The art will help to unleash your full potential.

Before catching my plane, let me congratulate my fellow ADCC competitors. It’s unbelievable how high the level on those mats is. I learned a lot by watching you all this weekend. So thank you.

See you in 2019. Definitely.

Renzo Gracie

P.S.: The offer of taking my online course “Renzo Gracie: Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” for only $30 was supposed to end last night. But I demanded Gallerr Academy keep it for a few more days, so enroll now before they stop listening to me.

P.S.2: I will add a few extra things to raffle along my ADCC shirt, so keep tuned for the announcement. It will be cool stuff, and if you become one of our online students, you have a chance to win. So come join our family now. 

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