Learn an omoplata using lapel from Boston Open champ Jonathan Torres

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JT usa sua guarda para parar Salazar no Houston Open de Jiu Jitsu foto por Mike Calimbas

JT relied on his guard yet again, and it worked out splendidly. Photo by Mike Calimbas/GRACIEMAG archives.

Team Lloyd Irvin lightweight Jonathan Torres was one of the big standouts of last weekend’s IBJJF-promoted Boston Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship, of which Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa is absolute champion.

After beating Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes in the lightweight final, JT spoke with GRACIEMAG.com about the move he felt was decisive in his celebrated victory. “I like the omoplata I used to sweep,” said the New York-born black belt.

JT promptly agreed to teach the move for GRACIEMAG.com readers. Take note of the foot he places on his teammate’s right bicep, while he sinks grips on the sleeve and collar on the left side.

JT then pulls his opponent’s hand to his hip and sinks an omoplata lock. Next, he switches his left hand from the collar to the arm, freeing up his right hand to keep his opponent from passing his leg over in defense.

Now, JT grabs the lapel and prepares to jump across to the other side. To keep from getting tipped over, the opponent posts his right hand, which is the cue for Jonathan to pass the lapel to his left hand and then somersault for the sweep.

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