Lagarto aims to be a “color TV”

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Lagarto outpointed Bochecha 5 to 0 in the final. Photo: John Lamonica.

Lucio “Lagarto” Rodrigues put the internet aside in Abu Dhabi during the World Pro 2011. Was he afraid it would distract him? That’s not it. He explains: “The internet at the hotel cost fifty dollars for five days,” the Gracie Barra teacher living in England said with a grin.

Lagarto had a sterling campaign in conquering the over-92-kg division, overcoming the likes of Xande Ribeiro and Marcus Bochecha, a big established name and an up-and-coming star, respectively.

In three quick questions, the fierce but friendly athlete told what it was that made the difference for him and compared Roger Gracie to a three-dimensional television. Check it out:

What was the mood at the championship like in Abu Dhabi?

Not just in my fights, but I felt that everyone was fighting like it were the final of the World Championship right from the very first fight! At the start of the competition my Japanese opponent was a no-show for the first match. So, right off the bat, none other than Xande Ribeiro stepped up to fight me. In the semifinal I faced José Junior, who lives here in Abu Dhabi. Besides being a young buck full of energy, he also had that advantage, that he was fighting at home. I won, and to finish I had to face Bochecha. So it was really rough!

You’ve been training with Roger Gracie a lot in England. What has changed in your Jiu-Jitsu?

Roger knows so much and is super simple – just like his Jiu-Jitsu. He has a broader vision than the others do. He’s not normal, I’m serious! Let’s just say he’s a 3D wireless TV with Blu-Ray, and the rest of us are old black-and-whites (laughs). I’m laughing but it’s serious. And by training I’m trying to be at least a color TV. I’ll be happy with that, and that’s above average.

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