Laércio Fernandes and Victory in Lisbon Backed by Rubens Cobrinha

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Laércio Fernandes attacks Carlos Esquisito’s guard at the 2013 European Open. (Photo by Ivan Trindade/

Prior to the 2013 European Open, Lotus Club black belt Laércio Fernandes promised he’d raise the roof in Lisbon. Said and done. In the light featherweight’s first two matches he took the back and finished in style.

In the final, Laércio, the current world runner-up, defeated CheckMat ace Carlos “Esquisito” Holanda by an advantage point.

“He’s strong and technical. That’s why I knew the match would be won on details, and that’s just what happened. He made a mistake and I scored an advantage for a guard pass. I didn’t manage to stabilize the position, as Carlos defended really well,” added Laércio.

“I need to highlight the training camp I did with [Rubens] Cobrinha in Vigo, Spain. It was sensational. At the European Open I did attacking Jiu-Jitsu, and it worked for me. That guard-pass attempt in the final is something I worked on with Cobrinha,” he added.

The professor at Lotus Club also warned that he’s gunning for gold at the Pan next March. And after that, the goal is the Worlds… But what will he be packing up his sleeve to surprise the current light-featherweight world champion, Gui Mendes?

“My next stop will be the Pan. I’m already training hard for the championship in Irvin and I hope to be in good shape when I get there. After that I’ll go to the Worlds, but I’m not thinking only of Guilherme, as I could end up beating him and then losing to someone else, which wouldn’t do me any good. My objective is to prepare to fight well, and that way victory will come naturally. He’s certainly the favorite, being the world champion and all, but there are a lot of tough guys at light featherweight who have what it takes to win,” said the black belt in closing.

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