Kyra teaches a detail learned from Rickson Gracie to finish via omoplata

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Kyra Gracie explains the omoplata secret. Kyra Gracie channel

Kyra Gracie, the ADCC champion who heads Gracie Kore in Rio, often shares with her students things she learned from her uncles and cousins.

In a good example of this, she once picked up a valuable tip for finishing with the omoplata after a heavier opponent foiled her plans and knocked her backwards. The advice, coming from Rickson Gracie in real time, was for Kyra to stretch her arm to hug her opponent’s head, creating a new lever.

In the detail she teaches here, Kyra first tries to reach for her opponent’s shoulder in order to get a support point and thus be able to spin her body, producing the proper angle for hugging the head and winning.

Check out the details in the video below, and come here to get Rickson’s thorough course on self-defense.

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