Kron Gracie’s diet to shine in BJJ and in the UFC

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Kron Gracie.

With unforgettable triumphs in IBJJF World Championships and the ADCC, Kron Gracie set out to soar in MMA as well, and after shining in Japan, arrived in the UFC with a nice first win. Kron’s secret, on top of sharp BJJ and his characteristic coldness, lies in his disciplined nutrition, with some peculiarities.

Speaking to Diego Ribas of, Kron revealed details of his nutrition, which used to consist only of fish and vegetables, but more recently began to include some animal proteins from outside the ocean, with one restriction.

“I don’t eat any farm animal, whether it’s cows, chickens or any other,” he told the reporter. “These animals that have very low energy, because they are treated very poorly. So, for me, I was a vegetarian eating only fish for years, but nowadays I don’t have a problem eating animals. But I’m not gonna eat animals every day, you know? I’ll eat very little. But I don’t oppose eating them at this point.”

“My diet is healthy,” Kron added. “I think that’s the way to define it. I don’t have any hard rules: I think I eat the things my body needs at the time it needs them. In principle, I don’t eat meat, don’t eat chicken, turkey breast, I don’t eat animals that come from a farm. But if it were an animal that didn’t come from a farm and I hunted, I wouldn’t have a problem with eating it. If it were a moose that a friend or I hunted, I would have no problem eating it.”

Check out the following video to learn a little more about Kron Gracie’s diet on a normal day of training.

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