Kickstart 2012 with a new juice for the menu

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Green juices are all the rage these days—and for a great reason. With the right ingredients, fitting with the Gracie Diet guidelines, it’s a great source of energy for the entire day, when ingested in the morning.

In the blender:

Mix 1 cucumber (cut into wheels), 2 apples (seedless and cut into pieces ) and 2 carrots (you’ll use one as a pestle).

Don’t add water!

Beat these ingredients into a paste consistency in the blender. Strain the concoction. Return the mixture to the blender.

Now add:

1 yam, two large leaves of collard greens (or another dark-leaved green), ½ parsley and/or coriander, mint, a small piece of ginger and a soup spoon of soaked flax seed (soak in water overnight).

Suggestion: add a handful of germinated sunflower seed, or soaked almonds or Brazil nuts (also soaked overnight).

Beat in blender. Then strain, massaging the “paste” against the strainer, leaving only the energy-filled liquid.

Have a great 2012, with plenty vigor and health.

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