Kevin Souza sees Future MMA as a way back into the UFC

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Future MMA

[Based on a press release.]

To this day, Kevin Souza’s departure from the UFC is a mystery. The Brazilian featherweight didn’t have his contract renewed despite a record of three wins out of four bouts with the organization. Almost four years on, he still doesn’t know the reason, but believes that, had things gone differently, he would be among the strongest in the division today.

“I have no doubt. I look at my division today in the UFC and see that I should be there in the top 5 of the division, easily, no problem at all,” said Souza, who is 1.82m tall with a reach of 1.87m, 10cm more than the current champion, Max Holloway. “I have the skills to return to the UFC, and Future will be my new door into it.”

Souza’s debut in Future MMA is scheduled for June 28 against Denis Alagoas, in São Paulo. “The plan is to win this fight against Alagoas, get a title shot, become champion and return to the UFC this year still,” said Souza. “If the year ends and the UFC doesn’t reach out to me, I’ll look at the best offers abroad or, if Future offers me a bigger purse, I’ll stay on.”

He added: “They have a good proposition going; you see they want to do something serious. It’s not that kind of event that offers millions to athletes, but they don’t mistreat us either. It’s a well-done event, well organized; it doesn’t leave anything to be desired next to the big organizations. Future today is a showcase.”

As well as Kevin Souza’s debut, Future MMA 6 will feature the welterweight title bout between Luiz Cado and Wendell Giácomo. To watch every fight live in high definition, download the Future App for free from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Future MMA 6
Centro Universitário Ítalo Brasileiro, São Paulo, SP
Friday, June 28, 2019

77kg: Luiz Cado vs. Wendell Giácomo
66kg: Denis Silva vs. Kevin Souza
93kg: John Allan vs. Alexandre Silva
70kg: Eder Gama vs. Rodrigo Lídio
70kg: Ednilson Cai-Cai vs. Ismael Marreta
66kg: David Valente vs. Bruno Beirute
61kg: Daniel Willycat vs. Henrique Budista
48kg: Valesca Tina vs. Maria Ribeiro
+120kg: Plínio Cruz vs. Douglas Big Monster
61kg: Léo Alves vs. Vinicius Lok Dog
70kg: Brenner Albert vs. Wallison Big bull
66kg: Filipe​ Floyd vs. Gleyston Baby Shark

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