Jungle Fight: Moicano undefeated after spine-chilling bout

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Wallid Ismail’s Jungle Fight event made it to its 29th installment this Saturday in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, where the city of Serra came out in full force to watch the spectacle.

In the headlining fight of the evening, Contrictor Team’s Renato Moicano had his work cut out for him against the seasoned Iliarde Dos Santos. There was no lack of strikes and kicks throughout the three rounds, with both fighters showing wear and tear on their faces. Moicano managed to do a better job with his strikes and landing takedowns. Iliarde went all out in the second half of the third round, but it wasn’t enough. Moicano took the unanimous decision for his fifth win and remains unbeaten.

In the co-main event of the evening, Julio Cesar Field was making things hard on Neilson Gomes, however, Gomes was showing greater ability with his hands and feet. In the break between the first and second rounds, Field wasn’t feeling well and pulled out. Now the heavyweight showdown between Ednaldo Lula and Luiz Guilherme was an evenly-matched affair until Guilherme took a finger to the eye that impeded him from continuing. The fight ended in a no contest.

Argentina’s Emiliano Sordi was doing well against Willian dos Santos, using his kicks to good effect. But the Brazilian fell back on his takedowns and achieved advantageous positions like the mount to secure the unanimous decision in his favor. Gabriel Moraes made quick work of Magno Magoo. He got an early knockdown with a punch and followed up with further strikes to come up with the knockout in just 36 seconds.

Gilmar Andrade put on a fine display of Jiu-Jitsu against Claudinei Souza,getting the takedown, back mount and mount. Souza ended up dropping out during the break between rounds one and two. In the opening fight of the night, Douglas Bertazini pushed the pace against Cleiton Prisco, who suffered a violent knockdown in the first round and was unable to return for the second.

Full results:

Renato Moicano defeated Iliarde Dos Santos via unanimous decision;
Neilson Gomes defaeted Julio Cesar Field via desistance between rounds 1 and 2;
Ednaldo Lula vs. Luiz Guilherme ended in no contest;
Willian dos Santos defeated Emiliano Sordi via unanimous decision;
Gabriel Moraes defeated Magno Magôo via TKO in R1
Gilmar Andrade defeated Claudinei Souza via desistance between rounds 1 and 2;
Douglas Bertazini defeated Cleiton Prisco via desistance between rounds 1 and 2.


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