Jair comments on wins from Caio and Formiga and birth of good-luck charm

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Caio going for armbar at World Pro / Photo: Carlos Ozório

Last weekend was more than perfect for the leader of Natal, Brazil-based team Kimura, Jair Lourenço, with all his students winning their respective commitments at Shooto Brazil 26 this Saturday.

First, Jussier Formiga submitted Maicon William with a rear-naked choke in the second round and hung on to his flyweight belt. Then, Caio Alencar too used his Jiu-Jitsu to decisive effect against Wagner Câmara. The black belt did the basics, got the takedown, passed guard, mounted, rained down strikes, and when his opponent turned his back, sunk a rear-naked choke on his MMA debut.

“It was a blessing. The two did great and did everything according to the game plan we’d put together. Caião, although a first-timer, was already at a good rhythm from competition and, like I’d said before, he didn’t get all that adrenaline from making his debut, and thus he managed to do what everyone knows you have to – get the takedown and go for the submission, which he did right away,” said Jair.

“Now the strategy we had for Jussier was to stand and strike in the first round, only going for the takedown in the end. Our backup plan was to go straight for the takedown and try and finish the fight, and thank God that’s what he did,” remarked Jair, who today takes off for England, where he will corner his understudy Renan Barão against Brad Pickett next Saturday at UFC 138.

“I expect the best. Barão really dedicated himself in training and I can see him just becoming stronger and stronger and more well rounded, with the look of a UFC fighter. I feel the most important thing an athlete can do is be focused in training and live a regimented life. Without proper rest, nourishment and supplementation a fighter can’t be 100%. I had a good talk with Dedé and Marlon; they too are really confident Barão will have a great performance at UFC 138. Renan’s job is to train a lot and live a controlled life, and I’m certain he did everything just right. Now it’s in God’s hands. Only He knows what the outcome will be,” he said.

To wrap up the weekend, Jair felt an emotion even greater than his students’ triumphs. At precisely 8am Saturday morning, Vithor Lourenço, the black belt’s second child, was born. “My son was born premature, just like his sister Giovana Lourenço, who was born before eight months in the pregnancy were up. The boy was born weighing almost 3.5 kg and 29 cm long, is plenty healthy, and full of energy. He’s going to be a handful,” he said in closing.

Check out the official results from Shooto Brazil:

Shooto Brazil 26
Clube Hebraica, Rio de Janeiro
October 29, 2011

Jussier Formiga submitted Maicon William via rear-naked choke in R2;
Andrews Tigrão submitted Júlio César Field via rear-naked choke in R1;
Walber Teté defeated Kell Santos via split decision;
Caião Alencar submitted Wagner Câmara via rear-naked choke in R1;
Junior Oliveira defeated Aquiles Campos via technical knockout in R3;
Rafael Viana submitted Armando Sapinho via rear-naked choke in R2;
Fernando Dias defeated Hélio Abicassiz via technical knockout in R3;
Rodrigo Otero submitted Junior Vidal via americana armlock in R2;
Danilo Noronha submitted Júnior Abedi via guillotine in R2.

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