Jacaré graduates new black belt in South Carolina

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GMA member Rafael Rosendo (Alliance Greenville)  welcomed Alliance’s founder Romero “Jacaré” Cavalcanti for his annual belt ceremony.

The event in Greenville, South Carolina, was a huge success. A true celebration of team spirit.

Jacaré overlooked the graduation of 12 blue belts, four purple belts and a new black belt. Here are their names:

Blue Belt

  1. Kenton Allison
  2. Adam Cellamare
  3. Devin Daw
  4. Susan Fraser
  5. Robert Gamble
  6. Dale Gilbert
  7. Alan Hester
  8. Adam Kleinfelter
  9. Shaun MacNary
  10. Joe Toppe
  11. Jerry Malsam
  12. Luke Henry

Purple Belt

  1. Jonathan “Neal” Grant
  2. Chad Bingham
  3. Paul Stone
  4. Edmund Woo

Black Belt

  1. Adam Hunnicutt

For more info, go to alliancebjj.com, alliancegreenville.com.

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