In Italy, Tererê gets students ready for Euro Open 2011

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After spending ten days in the land of chocolate, Fernando Terer↑ today touched down in the land of spaghetti, on of his favorite dishes. The Alliance black belt enjoyed his ten days in Switzerland in the company of his student Ricardo “Pezão” Oliveira, a winning MMA fighter in Europe, and held seminars and visited five academies, in Geneva, Neuchatel, and Basel.

“It was ten days of pure training, with Pez ̄o and another student of mine, Thomas Oyarzun, a purple belt who has been standing out in competitions around here,” says Tererê.

Tererê (in blue and black gi) in Switzerland. The Gigi Paiva will now spend at least twenty days in Italy. Photo: Publicity.

“We trained a lot and I made the most of the opportunity to teach some private lessons to a group of friends. Pezão is doing great and now he wants to try for a career in the USA,” he remarks.

This Monday Tererê heads for Italy to teach a series of seminars with his friend Luca Anacoreta, a purple belt.

“I’m going to teach private classes to him and some friends to get my beasts even sharper for the big European Open in January,” he states.

Tererê will be in Rome at a four star hotel for twenty days. For the now, his dream of competing at the Euro Open still exists.

“For someone who has been away from Jiu-Jitsu for six years like me, I feel it’s all been great. I’m getting my body moving slowly and improving my base. I still haven’t had time to just train and dedicate myself more, but soon I believe I’ll be invited by friends who want me around to just train and prepare. Then I’ll be stronger and happy to compete,” he explains.

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