IBJJF lists best fighters of 2018/19 season, with Lucas Hulk and Cláudia do Val at the top

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Claudia do Val was the season’s strongest female performer. Carlos Arthur Jr.

The IBJJF World Championship, which takes place every year around this time, marks not only the arrival of the strongest BJJ fighters in California, but also the end of the BJJ season and start of a new one. Every year, before the Worlds, the best fighters, according to the points they accumulated in official events, are honored.

In this season that is coming to a close — having started after the 2018 Worlds and wrapped up with the kickoff to the 2019 edition — there were two outstanding names among the adult black-belts. Lucas Hulk, representing Atos, claimed the top of the men’s podium with important titles, like the 2018 Worlds and the Pan. Cláudia do Val, fighting for team De la Riva, left little room for challengers on the women’s side as she participated in most of the IBJJF’s events around the world, including the opens and national championships.

The teams rankings were topped by Gracie Barra overall, whereas Alliance took gold in the Grand Slam, scoring the best across the World Championship, Euro, Pan and Brazilian Nationals.

Check out the detailed lists right here:

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