IBJJF confirms prizes up to 10,000 dollars for 2019 Worlds

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Prize money for the biggest IBJJF events becomes a reality. IBJJF

After surprising the BJJ world with the announcement that the 2019 Brazilian Nationals will have cash prizes, the IBJJF has now taken another big step in the direction of the professionalization of the sport.

The federation’s most important yearly event, the IBJJF Worlds this year will also pay its champions, as confirmed by the organization this Friday.

For this year’s Worlds, which will take place between May 30 and June 2, the adult black-belt competitors will be vying for prizes ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 dollars, depending on the number of athletes enrolled. In the absolute division, there is a guaranteed prize of 10,000 dollars for the winner. The numbers are the same for men and women.

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