Hillary seminar today in Petrópolis

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Hillary MD at seminar in Caxias / Photo: personal archive

Hillary Williams is pretty much a Rio de Janeiro native. She complains about the cold, has Jiu-Jitsu skills to spare, and now she’s doing food drives for people in need. At a recent seminar gathering eight black belts in the outlying Caxias region of Rio de Janeiro she collected over 70kg of food for a community institution.

Today she’ll be taking her teaching skills to Petrópolis, where participants will pay the price of 1kg of non-perishable foods. Friday it’s Santa Cruz’s turn.

Information for attending:

Wednesday the 13th
Academia VO2
Rua Santos Dumont, 77
Centro, Petrópolis, RJ
Academia (24) 2243-1273
Bruninho (24) 8150-4113
Breno Andrade (24) 8855-7427

Friday the 15th
Fundação de Apoio a Escola Técnica – FAETC
Largo do Bodegão, 46
Santa Cruz, RJ
(21) 7801-3220
ID 120*22404
(21) 9449-0440

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