“Highlander” through to ADCC and celebrates students’ success

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Bastos with Kauê (left) and Marcio (right) / Photo: personal archive

He’s spent decades dedicated to Jiu-Jitsu, competing at all the main gentle art events, always a handful for his opponents. This year, for example, Bruno Bastos turned heads by making it to the final of the World Pro, one of the most hotly disputed tournaments of the season. On the occasion, he was outpointed by the much younger Rodolfo Vieira.

Time goes by and Bruno starts thinking about the day he’ll have to put competing in the adult division at the big tourneys to rest. Before that, though, the “Highlander”, as some of his students calle him, will see action at the ADCC in England. Bruno was invited to take part by the event’s organizers.

“I tore my tricep during the World Pro. I couldn’t even compete at the Worlds and ended up having to sit out the ADCC tryouts. The organization was sensitive to that, looked at my CV, and gave me this opportunity,” he told GRACIEMAG.com.

Furthermore, the black belt is rejoicing in the solid phase some of the representatives of Nova União are seeing. At the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship his group of athletes played a key part by winning a gold medal, three silvers and a bronze. The gold went to blue belt Marcio André, one of GRACIEMAG.com’s picks to do well this season. “GRACIEMAG got that one right too!” laughs Bruno.

To add to the jubilation, Marcio and other revelations, like Kauê Damasceno, were promoted by Bruno.

“I fulfilled a dream by conquering a world title so young. I’d already won the World Pro against João Miyao in the final. Now Bruno, who’s the one who started the project in Bangu, believed in me, spoke with my teacher Fabio Andrade, and they felt it was time,” celebrated Marcio, who can’t wait to test drive his purple belt.

Daniel Jacaré celebrates MMA triumph. Photo: personal archive

To wrap up, black belt Daniel “Jacaré” Almeida achieved his second win in American MMA at Texan event Battle in the Panhandle. The victim this time was Chase Watson, who gave up from strikes from the mounted triangle 1:30 minutes into round one.

For how much longer can the immortal warrior’s romp last? Well at least at the ADCC Bruno’s a sure thing.

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