Here’s a rare sight. Ronda Rousey losing a fight

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summer promoAfter another dominating win at the UFC against loudmouth Bethe Correa, Ronda Rousey seems unbeatable in her division and probably in MMA altogether.

So, we were curious to try to find one time Ronda walked out of a mat without being declared the winner.

Well, the only match we could find was the women’s 70kg division quarterfinals in the judo tournament at the 2008 Olympic Games, in Beijing, China.

Ronda was having a good campaign and had won her first two matches, first against Nasiba Sukriwva (TKM) and then against Katarzyna Pilocik (POL).

The third opponent would be Netherland’s Edith Bosch.

After a scoreless regulation time, with only 1:43 left on the clock at the golden score extra-time, Bosch was able to score a ippon with a counter attack after Ronda went for a takedown.

Rousey landed on her back and the referee signaled the ippon, the highest score in judo, as the American continued the movement and ended in side control.

Ronda thought she had won and was truly surprised when the referee awarded her opponent the win.

In a interview to USA Today at the time, Rousey was clearly upset with the outcome of the match and the fact she could not repeat the gold medal her mother AnnMarie De Mars won at the 1984 World judo championship: “I kind of want to live up to what she has done, and so I was like nervous about disappointing her. And she was like, ‘I’ve already won my medal. I only want it for you because I know what it feels like and I want you to have that, and if you don’t win tomorrow, I won’t be disappointed in you or mad.’ ”

After losing the chance to win the gold medal, Ronda returned on the repechage and won three more matches to secure one of two bronze medals, the first olympic medal for US women’s judo in all times.

Here is her final match for the bronze against Germany’s Annett Bohm.

Beijing 2008 was Ronda’s last appearance in judo.

She debuted in MMA on August 6, 2010, still as an amateur.

In only 23s, she caught Hayden Munoz with an armbar.

Watch it.

And the rest is history.

She had two other amateur fights and won both in the first round by armbars.

Her professional debut was on March 27, 2011, against Ediane Gomes, beat in the first round with an armbar.

Five first-round armbar submissions later and a Strikeforce belt, she made her debut in the UFC on February 23, 2013, with another armbar submission in the first round on Liz Carmouche and the women’s bantamweight belt.

She is now 12-0 in MMA (professional), with 9 armbar submissions (8 in the first round) and 11 victories in the first round.

Back to 2008, when asked if she was going to try a MMA career, she was not certain: “I don’t know. “A MMA coach I know says, ‘Just come and learn how to punch. Maybe we’ll find you a fight later,’ ” she said. “So I don’t know. I might learn how to throw a punch, but I’m not making any promises.

Turns out she did learn how to throw a punch or two, didn’t she?

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