Hannette to make competition return in 2011

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Hannette on Penny Thomas's back at ADCC 2009 / Photo: Carlos Ozório

Winner of the last two ADCCs and Jiu-Jitsu world champion on six occasions Hannette Staack, our GMA on team Brazil 021, in Chicago stayed out of competition in 2010. However, the André Negão-trained black belt promises to be back at full blast this season.

Check out the conversation she had with GRACIEMAG.com:

Why didn’t you compete in 2010?

I focused on growing my team. There was no ADCC in 2010, which I consider a very important competitions, so I made the most of it to take care of business. It was an important thing to do, but this year I’ll return to competition.

In which events will we likely see you in action?

I’m already guaranteed at the ADCC, since I won the last two installments. But I’m also going to compete at the Worlds and will probably be at the Pan. We’ve got a project going in the team, so maybe I’ll compete at the Rio Open, too.

On podium at ADCC Barcelona alongside top fighters like Cris Cyborg / Photo: Carlos Ozório

What project is this?

The team is growing in Chicago, we’ve got another branch in Texas and we restructured the one in Brazil. I teach the girls-only class in Chicago and we already have some champions standing out. I intend to hold our first exchange. We’ll hold a big camp for the Rio open and International Masters in Brazil, that’s why I may compete. We’ll be taking a strong team to those events.

Will the time away from the mat be a hindrance or will be back to how you always were?

The truth is that all I did was stop competing, but I’m training just the same. OF course competition training is more intense, but I’m still going strong. There’s no way to forget it all and, even without competing, I’ve been at all the events, keeping up with my students.

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