GracieMag Editor’s picks: the female black belt division at 2013 Pan

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After the male black belt division picks, it’s time for the female black belt division.

Always reminding that…

The predictions to follow are nothing but predictions by GracieMag’s editor, Ivan Trindade, based on recent results and his information on how the athletes arrive to compete at the 2013 Pan.

His intention is only to raise the debate and draw attention to the competition.

GracieMag or Ivan do not root for any competitor and wish all competitors an equal amount of luck and success.

With that said, here are the picks for each division.

Let’s start the debate!


Sofia Amarante and Miriam Cerqueira are the favorites in a four-person bracket. Amarante wants to keep her title from last year.

Final: Sofia Amarante vs. Miriam Cerqueira

Champion: Sofia Amarante



Luiza Monteiro is almost a sure presence in the final. Her opponent will be either Mackenzie Dern or Nyjah Easton. At the 2013 European, last January in Lisbon, Dern defeated Easton for a spot in the final.

Final: Luiza Monteiro vs. Mackenzie Dern

Champion: Mackenzie Dern



Tracey Goodell is back and wants to repeat at black belt the success she had in the lower belts. It’s up to her and Fabiana Borges to prevent a close out between Ana Carol Vidal and Beatriz Mesquita, both from Gracie Humaita.

Final: Ana Carol Vidal vs. Beatriz Mesquita

Champion: Closeout



In a three-woman bracket, Vanessa Oliveira and Thayssa Ramos are the most well known names. Anything can happen here.

Final: Vanessa Oliveira vs. Thayssa Ramos

Champion: Thayssa Ramos



World champion Talita Nogueira wants to shine in California again. Carolyn Stephenson and Luzia Fernandes are the obstacles.

Final: Talita Nogueira vs. Luzia Fernandes

Champion: Luzia Fernandes



Gabi Garcia has only teammate Andressa Correa as bracket companion so she will save herself for the open class.

Final: Gabi Garcia vs. Andressa Correa

Champion: Closeout


Open Class

Gabi Garcia is the favorite, but who will be her opponent?

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