Gracie Fusion celebrates 2009

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Roberto Gordo is one of the leaders of Gracie Fusion. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Roberto Gordo is one of the leaders of Gracie Fusion. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Gracie Fusion, a team led by Master Roberto Gordo, managed good results in 2009. According to numbers sent in to by the team, of the 52 fights representatives of the team participated in, 40 were victories, 10 losses and two ended up in no contest rulings. Beyond that, two title belts were won by fighters Delson “Pé de Chumbo” and Marcio “Pé de Pano” Cruz. The team’s lone representative in the UFC, Rafael dos Anjos had noteworthy fights and his first win in the organization. In Brazil, the team was also well represented by athletes like Arthur Gogó, who won four matches during the season. “The year was satisfactory and could even have been better. The tendency is to improve,” said Master Roberto Gordo in celebration.

The trainer is adamant that athletes on the team don’t pick opponents to build up their records. All the bouts in the tally are professional and, for the most part, against experienced adversaries. In 2010, there is much more to come.

“The organizers of the events know we don’t pick our fights. What is of interest is the purse and that the event is of good repute. We like to put our guys against the best; that is the best test. Our expectations for the coming year are the best possible. Rafael (dos Anjos) travels on the 5th and fights at UFN on the 11th. It will be his fourth fight there and we believe we’ll put, in 2010, more athletes into international events,” says the trainer in finishing.

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