GMA BTT Boston celebrates promotions to new belt ranks and new marital status!

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The BTT Boston team. Photo: Personal archive

The BTT Boston team. Photo: Personal archive

On June 14, 2014, head instructor of GMA Brazilian Top Team Boston Bruno Amaral and his fiancé Nathalia Azoff wed in Lexington, Massachusetts. The proposal happened just over one year ago in the middle of Bruno’s Jiu-Jitsu class and so it would only be appropriate for their Jiu-Jitsu family to share this special occasion. The wedding had Nathalia’s and Bruno’s family and friends present along with many of their teammates including Bruno’s uncle and owner of Brazilian Top Team Boston, Joao Amaral. This was a very special evening for the happy Jiu-Jitsu couple.

Just a couple of days after the wedding, rather than taking a honeymoon, Bruno and Nathalia were back on the mats for the BTT Boston belt ceremony.

On June 16, 2014, Joao Amaral, Daniel Gazoni, and Bruno Amaral awarded many stripes and belts to BTT students. Thayse Soares, the first BTT Boston female black belt was awarded her second degree on her black belt and Roger Woo, owner of BTT affiliate Woo Kickboxing Academy was awarded his first degree on his black belt.

To complete an already great evening, 5 black belts were awarded to very deserving students; Nathalia Amaral (our new bride), Aniss Al Hajjajy, Vincent Silvestre, Attila Javor, and Tatasuya Goto. This was the most successful belt ceremony to date. “I am proud of everyone and their accomplishments. Today was very special for all of us and I look forward to seeing all our students grow and evolve in this sport,” says Joao Amaral.

Needless to say, this has been quite an exciting few days for Bruno and Nathalia!

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