GM #191 – We Have Unravelled The De La Riva Code

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In the upcoming issue of GRACIEMAG, Master Ricardo de la Riva shares insight on his infamous “de la Riva guard,” giving you, the reader, a unique opportunity to learn the intricacies of the position.

The black belt sits down with GRACIEMAG editor Raphael Nogueira and imparts a complete dossier on the position that neutralizes and surprises passers of all belts.

“For Jiu-Jitsu practitioners to understand the ins and outs of the de la Riva guard, they need to experiment with an assortment of different variations, assimilate the different positionings, understand the mechanics involved and the passer’s defenses, and time their attacks right,” de la Riva explains in Issue No. 191.

With the help of instructor Rubens Antonio Albuquerque, professor de la Riva breaks down six positions that will help practitioners in their Jiu-Jitsu game. A must-read for anyone eager to learn top-shelf technique.

Take a look at what else Issue No. 191 has to offer its readers!

BUSINESS: Think big, be bold!

The owner of an MMA academy he says brings over $1 million per year and author of the compelling book Black Belt PsychologyMarcos Avellan shares pointers on how to make it in the martial arts world.

CHOKE MMA: An afternoon with the ever-so-busy UFC women’s champ, Ronda Rousey

In the first installment of our monthly “Choke MMA” Feature, assistant editor Erik Fontanez sits down with Ronda Rousey and talks with the UFC champ about the pressures of being the face of women’s MMA in a piece entitled “Armbars before breaks.”

TOP 5: Calasans’ Faves

2013 Europeans champ, black belt Claudio Calasans teaches us the five positions that have proved decisive over the course of his career. These are holds that played a big part in him earning the top-tier-competitor status he enjoys today. The reader can try and apply his moves after reading this informative article.

CHALLENGE: Welcome to the jungle

Lloyd Irvin gathers 13 of the world’s best brown belts for a no-time-limit event where only submissions count, and the result are kept under lock and key.

UFC: 5 prophetic questions for 2013

Our editor Marcelo Dunlop asks what mysteries will unravel in the UFC in 2013, and what the reader can expect to hear buzzing in 2014. We attack these and other inquiries that should get answered as the year goes on.

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