GFTeam black-belt wants to win it all in 2020: ‘My purpose’

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Bruno plays his half guard. Photo: Personal archive

Bruno Oliveira has had a good year on the mats. The GFTeam black-belt won multiple International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) tournaments and saw his professional and personal lives prosper. Setting his sights on the next season, the fighter, who earned seven medals in a period of just five months, sat down with Fight Talk to analyze the chief challenges to making 2020 an even more productive year.

“I made a radical change in the physical and technical parts and, mainly, in my diet,” he said. “I believe I will have a positive path with a new work team that assists me. I know what I can conquer, I know where I want to get, and that’s important. The training and the periodization have already begun with my mind on the European Championship. Two thousand nineteen has been a relatively good year, because I’ve had great learning by fighting in expressive IBJJF tourneys. I completed 50% of my personal goal, I won gold medals and placed on some podiums, and all this process gave me experience for the next season, where I’ll for the first time fight in the master 2 group. But even so, I’ll test myself in some adult tournaments. I’m going to sweat to conquer my goals. I’m excited.”

In 2020, Bruno plans to win the four biggest IBJJF tournaments in the master 2 group. To get there, he’ll be resorting to a secret weapon.

“I know my potential and I’m thirsty for victory. I’ll work hard so that nothing gets past me!” he said. “I intend to win the Euros, Pan, Brazilian Nationals and Worlds in succession, and my secret weapon will be the confidence I have in my work. A man without confidence is a man without purpose. Two thousand twenty will be a year of personal victories.”

Bruno went on to analyze the growth of the sport in terms of professionalism, pointing to BJJ Stars, a promotion focusing on superfights that has attracted names like Nicholas Meregali, Leandro Lo, Lucas Hulk, Megaton Dias, Gustavo Ximu and Roberto Godói.

“BJJ is growing with big steps, and that is owed to the great teachers, practitioners and supporters,” he said. “In 2019, many athletes were able to secure good cash prizes, and that’s something you didn’t use to see. I, as a fan and a professional of the sport, don’t have words to express my joy. Just to cite one example, BJJ Stars is an event that is here to stay. [Promoter] Fepa Lopes is a guy I’ve followed for ages, since I was a blue-belt, when he was still organizing the Band Sports event. I recall it was a show that used to broadcast superfights where those adept, at the time, could see stars of BJJ live on TV. If they invite me to fight one day, it would be wonderful, and, about my opponent, I’m not usually one to choose. If we weigh in at the same weight, it can be anyone. Rest assured that I train to give the public a great show.”

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