Getting pounded on from above in MMA? Use the guard and armbar

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CB Dollaway ground-and-pounds Jason Miller at UFC 146. UFC publicity photo.

There’s a big new event brewing in Brazil. Warrior Fight, to be held this Thursday, November 29, will feature former UFC and Pride star Marcus Aurelio, as well as a number of promising up-and-coming Brazilians and Americans.

The black belt Andre Gigueto is one of them. It’s an honor to fight in my city. I’ve never fought in Fortaleza before, and I want to show what I can do,” said Andre, who took the chance to teach a position that’s useful for both No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

Check out the complete card:

Warrior Fight
Ginásio Paulo Sarasate, Fortaleza, CE
November 29, 2012

Marcus Aurelio vs Garrett Gross
Junior Killer vs TJ Thomas
André Gigueto vs Jake Rosenbaum
Lucas Lopes vs Brian
Iramar Forota vs Ryan Tobar
Igor Negão vs adversário a ser definifdo
Danilo Mota vs Jânio Carlos
Marilia Fanta vs Viviane Pereira
Teo Menezes vs Goran
Mil vs Bruno

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