Gesias Cavalcante: “I have to gain ground again”

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Gesias. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Gesias Cavalcante was in Brasilia to accompany his friends from American Top Team at Bitetti Combat 6.  Accustomed to winning, two-time winner of the K-1 Grand Prix and one of the top fighters in his division in the world, the fighter has three unpleasant results (no contest and losses, respectively). JZ, as he is known, has dropped in performance ever since he was made to deal with a series of injuries. Recovering from another to the knee, the fighter is ready to turn things around and shine yet again. Check out the conversation he had with

When you fight again?

No date for now. I’m taking it one step at a time, not wanting to rush anything. When you rush things, you get the feeling that we are doing something, but you are not actually doing anything at all. So I’m taking it slowly, I’m training, but I don’t have a date set yet so as not to interfere with my training.

Is there a chance you will fight in the U.S.?

I’m staying with Japan. I have one or two more fights there, but I can also be released to fight at Strikeforce, depending on the fight and date. I’m waiting to see what happens next.

What is your view of this time you’ve been away?

I see it as a learning period. I’ve been fighting since I was 4 years old and training MMA since he was 15. Ever since I went to the American Top Team, I think I went a bit overboard in how I treated my body. I’m a guy who likes to train and even when I’m not training, I’m in the gym doing something. I overdid it and now I have to take some time to recover, that’s all.

What do you think of the fighters who stand out in your division now? Do you ever think of Shinya Aoki, after all that drama involving your bouts with him?

There was all that drama … I’m not thinking of those things, all that’s in the past. I’m focused on the present and the future will be whatever it will. I like everybody who’s on top, from BJ to Melendez and Aoki, too. Let’s take that route. I have to gain ground again, I’ve been out of the circuit. But I know what I and my team can do, and it’s all right.

A former opponent of yours, Joachim Hansen will go down in weight to face Bibiano Fernandes, at the Dream. What do you think of this fight?

Man, when I learned that Hansen would lose more weight to fight Bibiano, I was shocked, because the fightis  actually is an intermediate category, even below 65kg. He is thin, but is tall and has heavy bones. But I’m for Bibiano! The kid is phenomenal, with excellent Jiu-Jitsu and has a strong chance of making it a good fight. Hansen has heavy hands, but on the ground Bibiano is first rate. He’s also done well on his feet. I’m rooting for Bibiano and I think he’ll win.

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