Gabriel Marangoni teaches how to take the back starting from the inverted DLR

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The “kiss of the dragon.”

Today Gabriel Marangoni brings you a four-point maneuver starting from the de la Riva that can be used in classical and no-gi BJJ.

The technique, dubbed the kiss of the dragon, is detailed by Gabriel in this no-gi session found in the following video. After placing his opponent in the inverted DLR, with the hook pointed at the outer leg, he spins under his opponent and switches the hook in order to place himself behind the opponent. After this, he just has to take down his opponent with the grips and place both hooks to score the back-take points.

Translated transcript: “I’m here on the inverted de la Riva and I’ll do a back-take called the kiss of the dragon. I’ve underhooked my partner’s leg, I have a hook on the hip, and I’ve tangled it up. I’ll switch my hook to under the thigh. I abandon the foot and switch the grip to the thigh. I’ll extend this hook [0:25]. I’ve taken the back. I sink the backpack and place the hook to guarantee the points.”

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