From Godoi to Dourado, International Masters guaranteed spectacle

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Tijuca Tennis Club / GM archive photo

Once again the International Masters and Seniors promises to be a major gentle art fest in Rio de Janeiro. The black belts competing in the world’s biggest veterans championships will take to the mats this weekend at the Tijuca Tennis Club.

Among those signed up, 2010’s weight and open weight champion Rodrigo Munduruca is in, as are other standouts from past events, like Gabriel Willcox, Felipe Costa, Adriano Silva, Cesar and Roberto Tozi, among others.

Some poster boys for the event are also on the list of those signed up, among them the tireless Admilson Brites, Paulo Peposo, Osiris Maia, Eduardo Telles and Roberto Godoi.

Also appearing on the roster is Marcelo Dourado, a big name in Brazil for having won the Big Brother Brazil reality show.

The party is set to go off! Check out some of the big names to sign up below and the complete list by clicking here.


Felipe da Costa
Carlos Vieira Holanda
Gabriel Willcox
Ocimar da Costa
Theodoro Canal
Regis da Silveira Lebre
Marcos Alejandro Torregrosa
Adriano Sousa
Eduardo Telles
Eduardo Milioli
Fernando Jose Di Pierro
Fabio Leopoldo
Roberto Tozi
Travis Lutter
Cesar Tozi
Rodrigo Munduruca
Marcelo Pereira Dourado (middleweight)
Wander Braga
Jair Lourenco Medeiros
Paulo Roberto Streckert
Roberto Godoi
Stephen Vincent Hall
Rafael Carino
Adimilson Brites
Osires Maia Borges
Paulo Rodrigues Curi
Helvecio Augusto Penna Neto

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