Fit mom wins first place at NAGA World Championship

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Fit mom Petya Bastos won first place at NAGA World Championships last month. She competed at a grappling tournament for the first time only three months after the birth of her son. Even though Petya is a blue belt, she had to fight a black belt competitor because there were not enough female blue belts in her division.

Preparing to fight at NAGA, Petya tried to study BJJ as much as she could prior to the tournament. She thought it was important to attend a BJJ seminar and have the proper skilled training partners to help her.

She started her last week of training attending a three-hour super seminar with Bruno & Ricardo Bastos, Gustavo Dantas and Vitor Shaolin at GMA Alvarez BJJ in Arlington, TX (Bruno Bastos’s affiliated BJJ school).

In the last days before the competition, Petya had Sarah Black as one of her best training partners. Sarah is a purple belt from Tempe, Arizona under Gustavo Dantas whom won the 2013 World Championships at the adults and masters divisions.

For Jiu-Jitsu techniques Petya practiced grip fighting fighting the most, drilling with a lot of speed, opening and passing the guard, and half guard. Completing her training one day before the tournament, Petya rested. “I do not like to do anything the day before the tournament. I prefer my body and mind to rest,” she says.

Saturday at the competition, Petya had one fight where she was able to use the skills she had been working on. She won the NAGA World title with a judo throw in the middle of the fight, and then controlled the match on the ground until the end.

After enduring this tournament experience and conquering her victory at NAGA, Petya wants to leave a message to all women and young mothers out there. “I want to say to all young mothers like me to pursue their goals, not to give up when they are most difficult because after that comes the success.”

Petya says that her husband’s support was essential so she could achieve her goal. “I want to thank mostly my Husband, Friend, Coach and Professor Bruno Bastos. He believes in me and dreams with me. He gives me the opportunity to train with some of the best in the world.”

Petya doesn’t want to stop competing now. Her next challenge will be the IBJJF Houston Open in February.


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