European 2014 reaches full capacity; watch Farias vs. Malfacine in 2011

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stamp_enThe European 2014 has reached full capacity so now it’s time to wait for check day (01/16) and the brackets to come out.

Among many stars who registered, Lisbon will see the talents of aces like Caio Terra, João and Paulo Miyao, Gianni Grippo, Michael Langhi, JT Torres, Claudio Calasans Jr, Keenan Cornelius, Antonio Peinado, Lucio Lagarto, Rafael Lovato Jr, Alexander Trans, Rodrigo Cavaca, Luanna Alzuguir, Ida Hansson.

The action kicks off next January 23, in Lisbon, Portugal, and goes on until the 26th.

With all those big names, there’s a huge chance we’ll see a great fight like the 2011 light-featherweight black belt final between Ary Farias and Bruno Malfacine.

Get more info on the European 2014 here.



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