DeAlonzio Jackson wins his first gi Worlds

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DJ and Luca Anacoreta in the finals. Photo: Deb Blyth.

If there’s one familiar face on the scene of every big tournament, it’s middleweight purple belt DeAlonzio Jackson from Lloyd Irvin. Day two of the Worlds turned out to be his big day as he clinched gold in his division to win his first Gi Worlds.

Jackson has won the No-Gi Worlds at both blue and purple belts, and last year he came in second at the Gi Worlds as a blue belt. This being his first Gi Worlds win was especially sweet. “I won’t be sleeping tonight,” he laughed, “I’m too excited! Jackson had six matches today. He won four by points and two by submission. His matches weren’t easy, which was evident in his wins: he won the semifinal by one advantage point and his final against Luca Anacoreta of Aeterna JJ by a referee’s decision.

Jackson says he trained really hard for this tournament and his results are the culmination of six long months training for nothing but the Worlds. “Everyone’s really good here,” he says, “You have to be on your game all the time.” Jackson has definitely been on his game in 2011. He started off the year with a bang, with a double gold showing at both the Europeans and Abu Dhabi No-Gi Pro, he was a double silver winner at the Pan, and a double bronze winner at the Abu Dhabi Gi Pro. Since he apparently likes to do everything in twos, Jackson’s performance in Saturday’s absolute should keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

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