Cyborg comments on match with Rolles and heads to Honolulu Open

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Cyborg against Rolles. Photo: Luca Atalla

Roberto Abreu, otherwise known at “Cyborg”, had a riveting bout with Rolles Gracie in one of the Grapplers Quest superfights that shook things up at the UFC Fan Expo this Saturday. Now Cyborg is packing his bags to head to the Honolulu Open, for which sign-ups end today (sign up here). Beyond that, the fighter is also getting ready to face off against stalwart competitor João Assis. Check out what he had to say to

What did you think about the Rolles match?

It went as expected. Rolles is certainly a great player. I felt that he is strong, and due to the weight difference, I was unable to submit him. I prepared for the match well and everything went according to plan. I went all out for ten minutes, with two takedowns, I swept, passed guard and had several finishing opportunities. I also escaped a kneebar that was all the way in! That’s how it went; I’m so happy to have been able to show off my Jiu-Jitsu.

Defending kneebar against Rolles. Photo: Luca Atalla

Was it cool competing at the UFC Fan Expo, was it different?

The event was first rate, very organized, an unparalleled showcase for grappling. Grapplers Quest just gets better and better. This fusion with the UFC is of great value to Jiu-Jitsu.

You tend to do well without the gi. What’s your secret?

I feel it’s natural. I train a lot without the gi and the two complement each other. I love the gi, but it’s harder to hold me down without it. This year my goal is to win the No-Gi Worlds.

Cyborg going for Rolles's back. Photo: Luca Atalla

What events are coming up, when do you fight next?

Now I’m going to concentrate for the next one. Today I’m in Dallas. I’m going to roll with Tony Tipton and the gang at Genesis BJJ. Then I’m going to Hawaii, where I’ll be in the Honolulu Open at the weekend. I’m going to relax in Hawaii and visit Bruno Longman. I want to learn more about the Hawaiian tough-guy culture! Then on the 25th I’m going to be in Grapplers Quest again, in Las Vegas, fighting for the title against João Assis. João has big wins over Jeff Monson and Xande Ribeiro. I’m sure it will be a great fight!

And what about your work in Miami, is that going strong?

We’ve got a strong team and we’ll be full force to take the show in Cali (Worlds)!  Check out all there is to know about the Camp and my academies in Florida at

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