Cyborg celebrates Miami Open win and confirms aces like Jeff Monson at Worlds

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Cyborg with another gold medal. Photo: Personal archive.

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu carries on in his rampant run of IBJJF events. Following his conquest of his weight and the open weight groups at the Honolulu and Miami Opens, the black belt now gets ready for the No-Gi Worlds. Check out the chat the submission stalwart had with

What’s your assessment of the Miami Open?

The Miami Open was great and well-organized as always. Thank God, I’m really happy with the work the team’s been doing. Pablo Popovitch and I set up Avengers BJJ and now we’re just reaping the rewards. We had more then fifty students signed up and took second in the overall team dispute – just two points behind Gracie Elite –, plus we won nearly all the absolutes. Just as we closed out all the absolutes at the last IBJJF events (No-Gi Pan and Honolulu Open), we’ll do the same again now.

How about your performance?

I had two matches at weight and two in the absolute. I won my weight group beating Stephen Hall in the final. I ended up closing out the absolute with my training partner Marcus “Bochecha” Almeida, an awesome kid, a Rodrigo Cavaca student who’s on a roll, clocking out absolutes with us.

Cyborg and Bochecha on absolute podium with Eduardo Milioli ande Rafael Formiga

How’s your preparation for the No-Gi Worlds going?

Training for the Worlds couldn’t be going better. That’s The Avengers’ next mission, to conquer the world both at weight and open weight! A good group is going into the event: me, Pablo (Popovitch), Jeff Monson, Cavaca, Bochecha, Wagner Rocha, Jake Mackenzie, Thiago Abreu, James Brasco, João Macaio, Marcel Goulart, Rafael Chaves, Guedes… Training is out of the world, everyone in top shape and anxious step step onto the match areas in Long Beach.

Will you compete at both weight and open weight again?

As always, I’1l be in both division. I love competing in the absolute, and this year, for sure we’ve got what it takes to dominate in California!

Any news for next season?

I’m really happy with how things have gone in Jiu-Jitsu this year, with the various big conquests. But I already knew it was just preparation for next year. I’ll compete in everything out there. I intend to compete at both Worlds’ (gi and no-gi), as well as the ADCC and World Pro for the first time. Bring on 2011!

Do as Cyborg does and secure your spot at the No-Gi Worlds. Sign-ups end Saturday, so get in on the action by clicking here.

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