Copa Podio to punish use of lapel guard in upcoming event. Do you agree?

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Keenan Cornelius using his worm guard

Brazilian event Copa Podio announced today a change in the rules of its next event.

The Middleweight GP, scheduled November 22, will feature a penalty for the use of the lapel guard.

Copa Podio’s President, Jefferson Mayca, wrote about the decision in the event’s Facebook page: “In the traditional structure of Jiu-Jitsu, a lot of times, the quest for the title comes first, even with a boring game in stalled matches. The quality of the fight comes in second place and that was never the idea of Copa Podio.”

The Copa Podio will announce another changes to the rules in the next days.

The event hasn’t clarified what kind of penalty athletes will suffer if they use the lapel guard.

Do you agree with the position taken by the Copa Podio?

Here’s Keenan Cornelius showing the worm guard, a big example of what Mayca is targeting at.

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