Cobrinha celebrates win over Rafa Mendes, proposes no-clock match

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Photo: Dan Rod

The great fight between Rubens Cobrinha and Rafael Mendes in yet another final, at the 2013 ADCC, was nothing new. The two BJJ stars had already fought great battles at ADCC 2009 in Spain, and at ADCC 2011 in England.

After his triumph in China via judges’ decision, Cobrinha celebrated quite a bit. But his extreme joy in defeating his featherweight archenemy didn’t lead to any premature decisions, such as retiring and walking out on top in their long list of encounters.

Quite the contrary. This Monday the Alliance idol proposed a rematch.

“Maybe now we can do a no-clock superfight, ending only in submission. What do you think?” he asked me.

I submit the question to the reader and to the promoters of BJJ competitions, such as the upcoming Jiu-Jitsu Expo and Copa Pódio. Anyone up to making this happen?

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