Celebrated fighters secure their spots at World Master Championship

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Wellington Megaton in a photograph by Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

It’s almost time for the strongest veterans in BJJ to let their competitiveness loose in Las Vegas at the 2019 World Master IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

The event, scheduled for Aug. 21–24, is already guaranteed to feature a whole bunch of talented folks, and Graciemag brings you the list.

Fighters who are already veterans of this sort of veterans’ competition will of course be there. I’m talking Wellington Megaton, Marco Barbosa, Cristiano Titi, Renato Babalu, Alexandre Soca and Marcos Parrumpinha, who will be joined by younger folks that already qualify as masters — Marcos Tinoco, Caio Almeida,  Raphael Iunes, Kim Terra, Claudia do Val and so on.

Check out our partial list below and check back for our coverage of the Masters.

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Master 1
Guilherme Iunes – Gracie Barra
Raphael Iunes – Gracie Barra
Caio Almeida – Almeida JJ
José Tiago – Cicero Costha
Kim Terra – CTA
Marcos Tinoco – Alliance
Nivaldo Lima – Checkmat
Delson “Pé de Chumbo” – Pé de Chumbo
Kristina Barlaan – CTA
Fabiana Borges – Gracie Barra
Claudia do Val – De La Riva

Master 2
Rafael Dallinha – Rada Jiu-Jitsu
Denilson Pimenta – GFTeam
Felipe “Cranivata” Simão – Gracie Barra
Bruno Munduruca – Gracie Humaita

Master 3
Renato “Babalu” Sobral – Babalu’s Iron Gym
Rodrigo Munduruca – Gracie Humaita
Cristiano “Titi” Lazzarini – GB BH
Charles “Duende” Correa – G13 BJJ
Suyan Queiroz – Carlson Gracie
Baret Yoshida – Baret Submission
Fabio Leopoldo – Gracie Morumbi

Master 4
Rodrigo Medeiros – Carlson Gracie
Alexandre “Soca” Freitas – R1NG
Rafael Carino – Nova União
Marcos “Parrumpinha”da Matta – ATT
Ricardo Zanelato – Lotus Torres
Marcelo Dourado – GFTeam

Master 5
Wellington Megaton – Gracie Humaitá
Marco Barbosa – Barbosa JJ
Nelson Monteiro – Gracie Barra

Master 6
Itabora Ferreira – Alliance

Master 7
Marco Antonio Pena – Gracie Barra

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