Can you apply the invisible armbar? Kayron Gracie teaches

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Kayron Gracie

In order to be unpredictable in Jiu-Jitsu, the first step is to be complete with an offensive guard and a sharp guard pass up your sleeve. But a good surprising position also helps.

Kayron Gracie (Gracie Barra) knows that. Owner of good submissions and interesting transitions, the son of Carlos Gracie Jr. even stimulates to develop powers of invisibility. After all, what the opponent does not see he cannot defend.

Today we bring our readers this video of an omoplata that ends in an armbar.

When you try the omoplata, the natural reaction of the opponent is to counterattack and throw weight. Instead of replacing the guard and starting all over again, how about a plan B?

Note that after just six seconds of video, Kayron teaches how to make transitions that attract with the omoplata. The thing is to pull the opponent’s elbow to rotate the hip.

At 29 seconds, the teacher shows how to go up without losing position and keeping the pressure on the shoulder.

At 34 seconds, Gracie begins to detail the position for the “invisible” armbar. Notice how he pulls and holds the right sleeve.

After doing that, he opens the omoplata and kicks the left foot back to make the base to go up (54 seconds).

At 57 seconds, Kayron pulls the right sleeve, goes up and submits the arm. Note that the opponent’s thumb is up, which pressures the elbow.

Will you use it during practice today?

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