Cachorrão’s ritual before facing Hughes

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Monday was Cachorrão’s last day before flying out to Oakland, California, where on Saturday he will face Matt Hughes in the UFC 117 main event.

“Look at the color of the day, it’s already orangish. We’re heading into autumn,” he observed, before taking a dip at a beach on the coast of New Jersey, where he often surfs when not getting ready for a fight.

“This is the time of year when I don’t want to be anywhere else on the planet,” he said, pleased with it being fruit season.

The dip in the ocean is a sort of ritual of his that he does before competition of any kind, as is his earlier stop-in at Renzo Gracie headquarters, in Manhattan.

“I like to go and drink from the source. To get some final pointers from Renzo and talk with John (Danaher).”

At this big training session in NY that took place from 1:30pm to 3 pm, also in attendance were UFC lightweight champion Frank Edgar, David Branch, Rafael Sapo, Igor and Gregor Gracie and a number of other well-known fighters, among the 30 pairs rolling on the academy’s main training area.

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