Bruno Oliveira’s 5 activities to develop your jiu-jitsu in quarantine

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Bruno Oliveira is a black belt from GFTeam

With the whole world still taking small steps in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the jiu-jitsu community has suffered greatly from the lack of weekly training and competition. Bruno Oliveira, a GFTeam representative, decided to reinvent himself in order to keep his mind and body in sync.

Recently, the black belt became part of a team that does performance management for jiu-jitsu athletes. With his body active, due to training at home in the gi or physical preparation using his own body weight, Bruno decided to create other healthy habits to overcome procrastination.

“I made all this change in my routine to be active again, even if in a different way,” the black belt of ten years said in a recent interview. “The world is reinventing itself anyway and we athletes need to do the same thing. Now I have a team that manages my performance, teaches me how to train perfectly even at home. I take good care of my nutrition too. To be honest, I have used all my time to come back better when all this is over.”

1. Yoga

“I am having a very nice experience with the practice of yoga. The proposed exercises help a lot in the control of stress and anxiety, two symptoms that can most affect a human being during quarantine. So, I chose to take care of my mind in the best possible way. I’m very calm, less anxious and happy to be healthy.”

2. Reading

“Perhaps one of the best habits for the jiu-jitsu practitioner. Reading makes you smarter, and increases your vocabulary and creativity. You’re more excited to put into practice what you’ve learned from the books. I’ve been reading every month.”

3. Physical training

“My performance management team prepared some training aimed at using the body. I have some equipment at home, for example, rubber bands and weights to use in some way in training. But in the end, I use my whole body. It’s almost a warm-up before a jiu-jitsu class, but with more time.”

4. Online studying

“I have been watching more fights to analyze positions, videos of athletes that I like. Whenever possible, I see online courses that allow free access. It’s time to get smarter so you don’t make a mistake along your journey.”

5. Podcasts

“This was another practice that I adopted. Our sport is starting to have more content on digital platforms and this is really an evolution. While I’m training I can listen to whatever I want about jiu-jitsu. I really like, for example, Gustavo Dantas’s podcast, ‘Armored Mind.’ He invites several sports champions to talk about careers, training and, mainly, the mental side. I am, in fact, armoring mine with all this content.”

Bruno is a professional jiu-jitsu athlete, having won medals in several tournaments of the International Brazilian jiu-jitsu Federation (IBJJF), and has lived in Abu Dhabi for 6 years.


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