Brazilian Team Nationals finals: Atos vs. GFTeam; Alliance vs. GFTeam

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Rafa Mendes at 2010 Worlds. The champion entered the action in Tijuca. Photo: Ivan Trindade.

The Brazilian Team Nationals 2010 is going off in Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Tennis Club.

In the main division, the brown/black belt one, the first final defined was the lightweight one. With safe performances from the Mendes brothers, Atos Jiu-Jitsu made it to a Brazilian Team Nationals final for the first time.

Ramon Lemos’s team, headquartered in Rio Claro, São Paulo, eliminated GFTeam’s team B and now faces GFTeam A, which made it through the semifinal with GFTeam C without fighting.

Could GFTeam have what it takes to stop Atos? Or would it be better to ask is Atos capable of stopping GFTeam, the current champion?

Among the heavyweights, current champion Alliance is in the final against GFTeam A.

Romero Jacaré and Fabio Gurgel’s team first beat GFTeam B by 3 to 0 and then dispatched Gordo-Evolve also without dropping a single match.

Now GFTeam overcame Alliance B by 3 to 0, and in the semifinal eliminated Nova União by 3 to 1.

Kudos to Rodolfo Vieira (GFTeam) and Antonio Peinado (Alliance) in the division.

Alliance took the brown and black belt female division without rivals.

Check out the results thus far.


Light) Nova União

Heavy) Nova União


Light) Nova União

Middle) Alliance

Heavy) Alliance

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