Bráulio and Ebe comment on Jiu-Jitsu in Guinness Book

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GB in celebration in England / Photo: archive

After a thirty-hour Jiu-Jitsu marathon, Bráulio Estima and his student Ebe Ghansah now have to wait for the red tape to get sorted out.

For Ebe to get Jiu-Jitsu into the world’s most famous record book, he had to endure a class lasting thirty hours and one minute last Sunday (ending Monday) in England.

“We’re confident the record will be announced by next Wednesday, they just need to check the videos we made. There were folks from the press and police officers there as witnesses, so it should all work out,” said the Gracie Barra brown belt, who through the marathon raised 1,250 pound sterling for a local hospital. The previous record was set with an aerobics class lasting 29 hours and one minute.

“They have to watch thirty hours of tape to make sure we followed the rules – we could only take one five-minute break every hour. After that, there’ll be no two ways about it: it will be the world record for endurance during an exercise class; we’re just waiting for them to confirm how Jiu-Jitsu always wins!” said a jubilant Ebe.

Now all that’s left to do for Bráulio Estima – who is in tip-top shape for the 2011 Worlds – is to sort out some red tape of his own in renewing his passport, to travel to California. “I’m waiting on a few details to get taken care of; if all that goes well I’ll buy the ticket,” said Carcará, who attended the marathon. “It was insane, there were guys passing out towards the end and everything.”

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