Blood, sweat and beauty at Shooto Brazil 22

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The crowd that showed up at Nilson Nelson gymnasium in Brasilia was treated to a number of great fights this Friday night, with the 22nd installment of Shooto Brazil, an André Pederneiras and Edinho Bittencourt production. Besides the three South American titles, the event was attended by UFC featherweight champion José Aldo, and television star Juju Panicat drove the crowd into a frenzy.

Belts on the line

The 70kg title fight between Hacran Dias and Eliene Pit was a true battle. Hacran managed to take his adversary to the ground throughout the bout as well as landing solid strikes that battered his opponent’s eyes. But Pit toughed it out, giving as good as he got on a number of occasions. The striking exchange at the end, with both worn out, brought the crowd to its feet. In end, Hacran took the unanimous decision, bringing his tally to 18 wins with just one loss.

Carlos Índio flew over from Fortaleza to defend his under 83 kg belt. It nearly went down the drain early on, when he took a knockdown and struggled to escape a guillotine from his opponent. But Índio recovered well and dropped Junior Beba with a spot-on knee. From there on out, he dominated until getting the technical knockout, while still in the first round.

Now Ronny Marques left nothing to chance. In just 43 second he settled the bout with a well-placed punch that dropped Diogo Osama. A few strikes later and the fighter was celebrating in the arms of his master Jair Oliveira. Anyone who blinked missed it.

Plenty action and major stars

Former UFC fighter Ronys Torres put his Jiu-Jitsu to practice. After getting the takedown and mounting, he went for a kimura lock. But the win came later with a snug guillotine while still in the first round. The fight between Marco Antônio “Bad Face” and Hernani Perpétuo ended in the break between the first and second rounds. Marco got the tter of Hernani in the first round, opening cuts on his opponent’s face. The doctor deemed Perpétuo unable to continue during the break and called off the fight. Bad Face won.

One of the toughest fighters in Brazilian MMA, Johnny Eduardo showed his Jiu-Jitsu’s on par with his striking, against José Wilson. During the fight, the student of the late Luiz Alves got the takedown and mounted, to then finish from back mount with a rear-naked choke in the third round.

“That’s why I always say, ‘this isn’t muay thai, it’s MMA, a box of surprises!” said Johnny later.

John Lineker kept up his winning streak by knocking out Saulo Martins in the first round, after fully dominating the fight. Anistávio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros seemed to be getting the worst of the action against Lucio Curado, but after withstanding the pressure in the first stanza, managed to sink a heelhook in the second. “It was part of my strategy. I wanted him to tire,” he said.

Leonardo Pinheiro and Vinicius Boneco had a lively fight with good moments for each of them. However, in the end the win went to Léo by unanimous decision.

Check out the complete results:

Shooto Brazil 22
Brasilia, Brazil
April 1, 2011

Under-91kg belt
Ronny Marques defeated Diogo Osama via TKO at 43 seconds of round 1

Under-83kg belt
Carlos Índio defeated Junior Beba via TKO at 3:26 min of R1

Under-70kg belt
Hacran Dias defeated Eliene Pit via unanimous decision

Ronnys Torres submitted Guilherme Kioto via guillotine at 4:33 min of R1
Marco Antônio “Bad Face” defeated Hernani Perpétuo via TKO (doctor’s intervention between R’s 1 and 2)
Johnny Eduardo submitted José Wilson via rear-naked choke at 2:57 min of R3
John Lineker knocked out Saulo Martins at 3:30 min of R1
Bruno Macaco submitted William Mendes via rear-naked choke at 2:25 min of R1
Anistávio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros submitted Lucio Curado via heelhook in R2
Leonardo Pinheiro defeated Vinicius Boneco via unanimous decision

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