Beyond New York

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A good-looking kid in his twenties approaches me as I am heading to the plane and salutes me. I smile back, and he asks me for a photo. Then he says, with his Nordic accent:

“Renzo, I’ve been your student for months now.”

“Really? I don’t seem to remember you, and I don’t forget faces.”

“No, I am talking about the online course with Gallerr.”

I was in Copenhagen, Denmark, on my way back to New York.

Our school in Manhattan has over 1,500 active students, plus thousands who are in and out through the years, which makes a situation like the one above not unusual at our home town.  

But now I finally was able to extend the benefits of our knowledge to people not close geographically, and I am grateful for this.

So I thank you for enrolling. I thank you for spreading the word about the course, and I thank you for the amount of support we’re receiving.

But, above all, I thank you for the criticisms and suggestions you sent, as we are using them to improve and replace some of the 225 videos available on “Renzo Gracie, Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.” And also using them to make it even better for the next courses coming up.

So, again, thank you.

Renzo Gracie

PS. If you haven’t enrolled just yet, remember that I demanded Gallerr slash the price by 50%. But it is only until midnight. So enroll now in Renzo Gracie, Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and join our family.

PS 2. Here’s a link for a free e-book with the content of our course.

PS 3. If you enroll today, you will be in the running for the rash guard I wore during the last ADCC. Plus a few different perks. We will announce the winners this upcoming Monday.

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